Amazing Reviews for Sold Out Secret

Oliver Geraghty Gower

Oliver Geraghty Gower

Secret Theatre London is basking in glowing reviews for their current, SOLD OUT, production in London.  Oliver Geraghty Gower is part of the cast which is bringing some of the most surprising immersive theatre seen in London this decade.  Below are just some of the reviews for the production.  All show’s are sold out – so here’s hoping that the run gets extended.

Congrats Oliver and the team at Secret Theatre London.


Audiences and Critics are having a ball at the now SOLD OUT Secret Island Show! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Check below for the great non spoiler reviews!

 “If you like surprises and love theatre then the latest offering from Secret Studio Lab is an absolute must see! ” – On In London

See more at:…/…

 “it was very much for me – a wonderful experience and a glimpse of a part of London that will all too soon be swallowed up by cement, turf, money and the designer shoe soles of the soulless.” – LONDON CITY NIGHTS

See more at:…/secret-theatre-show-on-lo…

 “Secret Theatre is an unusual and memorable experience – and proof, for the planners among us, that sometimes a little mystery can be a good thing.” Carn’s Theatre Passion…/guest-review-by-lizzid82-…/

 “Unexpected and truly unique” G.G.C…

“If you are willing to take a leap of faith into the great unknown and like your theatre to be immersive then this production by Secret Studio Lab is definitely for you.” London Theatre One…/review-of-secret-theatre-…/


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