Catch Samuel Heagney in Three Sisters

© Michael Wharley Photography 2014

Samuel Heagney

The Actorshop Agency is proud to announce Samuel Heagney will be starring in an exciting production of Three Sisters.

Make sure you catch Samuel in the role of Andrei in Anton Checkov’s classic play, produced by the FiasCo Theatre Company at The White Bear Theatre.

After the well-received production of “Hedda Gabler” FiasCo Theatre return this autumn with yet another classic masterpiece about failed expectations.

When all other hopes have left, one by one, there is only one thing that grows stronger and stronger in the hearts of the three sisters: the dream of going home, in Anton Chekhov’s play about emotional exile, intellectual solitude, and dreams that refuse to die.

“We are never happy, only long to be. Happiness is not for us. It is for our very remote descendants.”

The production runs from October 14 – October 25.  Book your tickets here.

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