Actorshop works with large global companies, government and small individual firms.
No matter the size of your orgainisation we can meet your needs.

Mission & impact


Actorshop is committed to developing creative approaches for learning that enable people to realise their full potential. The company creates and delivers bespoke professional development programmes that are relevant, fun and memorable.


We believe people to be the most valuable resource of any company and recognise that qualities such as inspiration, creativity, imagination, commitment, enterprise and ambition raise people above machines to make businesses exciting, innovative, dynamic, and successful.


Our bespoke corporate training programmes engage both the hearts and minds of delegates whilst equipping them with practical strategies and an understanding of why change is necessary.

We have a vast knowledge of the corporate world and are well equipped to address issues such as improving customer satisfaction, peer-to-peer communication, developing productive working environments, improving leadership skills, equality, diversity and balancing work / life commitments.


One of our programmes: “Respect for Individuals”, developed for a client in the global banking sector, rolled out to over 5000 managers in the UK. Focusing on visible and non-visible differences, the training both challenged and motivated delegates to embrace individuality and develop a culture of respect in the workplace. Post programme evaluation showed a significant rise in employee satisfaction, which in turn reflected a substantial rise in customer satisfaction and company profits.

Global reach

Actorshop provides training and consultancy in Britain, Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore in the corporate, government, and voluntary sectors. The company has won two National Training Journal Awards for “The Best Customer Service Training Programme” and “The Best Training Programme Delivered To Over 1000 Attendees”.

Putting people first

Actorshop was established in 1985 with the belief that by putting people first it would give business, schools and communities the right foundation for success.  A community is only as strong the people within it, and the people within your business, school, or community are the foundation upon which to build.

Since 1985 we have led the way in developing bespoke training programs suited to our clients needs.  By combining forum theatre and role play, with constructive and incisive feed back, we harness the power of interactive drama to create shared reference points for our delegates personal and professional development all within a safe environment.

We create an understanding amongst delegates of why change is necessary and combine it with the development of practical skills for implementing change.  Evaluation has proved our programmes generate tangible outcomes by enabling participants to gain confidence in making the change happen.

With our team of highly trained actors, facilitators and programme coordinators, we continue to build relationships and strengthen our programmess by putting people first.

Techniques for delivery

We recognize that all companies are individual and require an individual approach to their training whilst acknowledging the commonalities also found in the corporate world.  Once a company’s training requirements are established, Actorshop builds a programme, decides the strategies to employ and incorporates our unique style of forum theatre and/or role play.  Our role play is often referred to as “Real Play” which is a hallmark of Actorshop’s carefully researched and executed scenarios.

By using the above techniques we provide in depth, interactive real-life experiences in a safe environment, which allows delegates to take risks, learn by observing others and learn from their own mistakes. All with the aim of giving delegates the tools and strategies, plus confidence, to apply what they’ve learned to their “real life” after they’ve completed the training.

Since 1985 we have built a loyal and skilled team of actors, facilitators and coordinators.  The depth in our staff range enables Actorshop to use appropriate actors and trainers with different orgainisations.  We ensure the actors truthfully portray a client’s staff, the companies jargon and unique working environment.

We value open and honest communication and ensure our actors and facilitators are well trained in delivering constructive feedback to delegates.  The effectiveness of our feedback is often commented on by clients who recongnise its immediate impact during training and its long term impact back in the workplace.

Global Banking Client, Kosta Christofi, Leadership Delivery Manager

"I have worked with Derek and the Actorshop team many times and every time they have challenged, engaged and inspired my delegates by using their amazing acting skills. I can unreservedly recommend Derek and the team for any kind of development work with a powerful and creative approach! Great results, high integrity, creative!”