Whether you're a teacher or a student, Actorshop has educational programmes
designed for you

Teacher programmes

With nearly forty years experience in education Actorshop has created developmental programmes for teachers, non-teaching staff, and parents. Recognising the importance of a healthy learning environment many of the programmes focus on areas such as creating an effective anti-bullying policy; developing leadership skills for senior managers; or strategies to enhance learning while embracing different or preferred learning styles and creativity.

Other programmes are structured to enhance the learning tool kit of classroom based staff and offer clear strategies for using drama as a learning medium across the curriculum and for enhancing skills in literacy and speaking and listening. Our innovation in this area, as well as our commitment to creativity, as an essential element for the future of both education and industry, has gained international recognition.

See our talk with Sir Ken Robinson at The Oklahoma Creativity Conference

Student programmes

By using the power of theatre Actorshop create programmes for schools and colleges. Speaking to students and teachers, the scenarios explore the ever-changing, daily pressures placed on young people. Programmes are constructed through in-depth research and consultation with the schools, and young people to ensure they embody the truth, whilst reflecting different perspectives. During programmes students decided how the actor should handle the challenges they face which offers students the opportunity to explore a path for resilience. Their decisions are enacted and the consequences of actions unpacked in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Actorshop constantly writes new programmes and enjoys the challenge of requests from clients, but typically programmes range from:

Teenage Pregnancy | Sexting | Anti-Bullying | Race Awareness | Drug & Alcohol Abuse | Sexuality | Interview Skills | Work Experience | Gun & Knife Crime | Raising Achievement | Literacy

Actorshop also provides skilled workshop leaders who offer diverse services ranging from daily creative supply-teacher cover, to week-long creative arts programmes.

TV & Web

Since 2008 Actorshop Productions has led the way in powerful, award winning educational drama for BBC 2 and BBC Learning online. The three L8R Youngers series, which follows the lives of young people and the difficult decisions they face in school and at home, have won critical acclaim with two Children’s BAFTA awards and three BAFTA nominations.

The two parallel series for KS4 students, L8R series 1 and 2, have also won critical acclaim with Children’s BAFTA and The Royal Television Society Awards, as well as three other BAFTA nominations.  L8R Series 2 explores gun and gang culture.

To purchase DVD and classroom materials for:

  • L8R Series 1 & 2
  • L8R Youngers 1 for Primary
  • L8R Youngers 2 & 3 for Secondary

Contact Actorshop on 0208 534 0970 or email: derekbrown@actorshop.biz.

Promo Videos for the L8R Youngers 2 & 3 below

L8R Yngrs3 Promo from John N White on Vimeo.

For the archive L8R site please visit L8R Online.

Ashmount Primary School, Jenny Gledhill, Islington

"Your training today for Islington was both challenging & enlightening. It hit the spot because the drama illustrated to us explicitly the effects of racist bullying on a person. We all know it’s 'not nice' to be the victim of harassment but rarely do we get an insight into its possible long term effects demonstrated so graphically where we are given a ‘risk free’ opportunity to right the situation. The drama was compelling. The best training day for a decade or two!"