Student programmes

Actorshop has worked with large global companies, government and small individual firms.
No matter what size your business we have a programme for you.

By using the power of theatre Actorshop create programmes for schools and colleges. Speaking to students and teachers, the senarios explore the ever-changing, daily pressures placed on young people. Programmes are constructed through in-depth research and consultation with the schools, and young people to ensure they embody the truth, whilst reflecting different perspectives. During programmes students decided how the actor should handle the challenges they face which offers students the opportunity to explore a path for resilience. Their decisions are enacted and the consequences of actions unpacked in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Actorshop constantly write new programmes and enjoy the challenge of requests from clients, but typically programmes range from:

Teenage Pregnancy | Sexting | Anti-Bullying | Race Awareness | Drug & Alcohol Abuse | Sexuality | Interview Skills | Work Experience | Gun & Knife Crime | Raising Achievement | Literacy

Actorshop also provide skilled workshop leaders who offer diverse services which range from daily creative supply-teacher cover, to week long creative arts programmes.

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