Kosta Christofi

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Kosta Christofi
Associate Director | Actorshop
Owner/ Director of Ten Feet Tall Coaching and Conferences LTD
Senior Learning Manager, Management & Leadership Development

Kosta has worked for Blue Chip organisations for 29 years, across a variety of sectors: High Street Retail, Financial Services and National Multi- Media, picking up a wealth of experience along the way in the fields of sales, leadership and management, coaching, conference speaking and many more.

Over the past 15 years he has focused on his true passion: helping people to grow and develop their confidence, their capabilities and their horizons.

Through training, coaching and supporting individuals at all levels of seniority and across businesses, he is a passionate believer that we all have untapped potential within us, and the greatest reward is working with others, and nurturing them so that they can unleash some of that potential and exceed their own expectations of themselves.

It was some 10 years ago that Kosta first encountered the Team at Actorshop whilst working on a major culture- change programme with a large financial services organisation: seeing the sheer power and positive impact of combining the performing arts and professional actors with commercial skills and challenges opened his eyes to how these two elements are inextricably linked and create an unbeatable outcome when deployed in partnership together.

The links to communication, relationship- building, presentation skills and many more are increasingly clear, and Kosta has maintained his strong relationship with Actorshop to achieve some hugely successful results together in the meantime.

Married and with two daughters, Kosta spends any spare time he has with his family, enjoying the role of husband and father, and drawing on his performance skills even at home when he has to…

Kosta has a full- time role as a senior Learning Manager for Management & Leadership Development within the financial services sector and is also director and owner of his own company, Ten Feet Tall Coaching and Conferences LTD.

With a style and approach bringing together passion, performance, and power, Kosta is proud to be associated with Actorshop and to be looking ahead to the possibilities that we can create together…

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