L8R Youngers 2 – Broadcast & Streaming

L8R Youngers 2

Scene from L8R Youngers 2

Actorshop Productions is proud to announce our BAFTA award winning television series, L8R YOUNGERS 2, is being rebroadcast on BBC 2 and is available for streaming on BBC iPlayer.

The series, written by Malcolm Campbell (Evening Standard Award | Best Screenplay | What Richard Did) and David Watson, follow the lives and stories of students and the problems they face in school and at home.

This is what the BBC Says:

Picking up from the success of the original Bafta Award-winning programme, L8R Youngers 2 takes Joe, Eli, Shanice, Julie, Chaz and their schoolfriends on a rollercoaster ride from primary to secondary school. The talented young cast are all new to television and their characters are ‘real’ because young people created them. They are multi-ethnic, lively, funny, street, serious and stuck with all the problems and pleasures of growing up.

Watch It Here

For more information on the L8R Youngers series and its use as a learning tool check out the Actorshop Productions webpage, call us on 0208 534 0970 or email John White –  johnwhite@actorshop.tv & Derek Brown – derekbrown@actorshop.biz

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