Oliver Geraghty Gower cast in White Which of Rose Hall

© Michael Wharley Photography 2014

Oliver Geraghty Gower

The Actorshop Agency is proud to announce that Oliver Geraghty Gower will be joining the cast of The White Which of Rose Hall.

After a successful run at The Broadway Theatre, the production team from Okai-Collier Company, Omar Okai & Simon James Collier, are breathing new life into the play with a reading of an updated version.

The show is based on a “true” story of murder, betrayal and voodoo from nineteenth-century Jamaica. It tells the story of rich white plantation owner Annie Palmer, English book-keeper Robert Rutherford, and his housekeeper – a friendly local girl named Millie. The play deals with racism, slavery and ownership, but with the terribly cruel twist that the woman with all the power and control is also a witch incapable of remorse or sympathy, who kills on whims and fancies.

The critics give it 5 Stars and Everything Theatre said, “This is a wonderful production. It dances flawlessly from scene to scene.”

We wish them best of luck!

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