Great stories communicate simple truths that reflect the poetic dimensions of the human soul.
Not only do powerful characters help us understand our lives,
their stories reflect our core values as human beings. - Kate Wright

Actorshop Productions have now merged with Pampaset Productions to form ASP productions with a vision of producing popular work that reflects and celebrates the diversity of modern Britain, for television and film.

We are currently seeking writers who are interested in working closely with us to develop ideas for our Spring slate. We are looking for powerfully authored stories that authentically reflect who we are and examine how we live today in Britain.

To date we’ve had development commissions from studios such as Channel 4, CBBC, and BBC 2. Our relationship with commissioning editors and major broadcasters affords us the opportunity to get great ideas read and considered for production.


Our search for writers

If you feel passionately a story should be told, we’d like to have a read. We don’t want more than an A4 setting out the idea and promise to get back to you promptly. We know writers are a precious resource. This is a rolling process for us, so send those ideas along.

Please send submissions to –
Email Address:
Subject Line : Writing Submission

Please include a bio and any relevant information you’d like us to consider.

Award winning productions / read more

Actorshop has won 3 BAFTA's (2012,2010,2009) for it's L8R series secondary school programmes.

Royal Television Society

Royal Television Society

L8R Series 1 won the RTS Interactive & Multimedia Education Award, 2004.

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