Excellent acting and facilitation have really brought issues to life.
The feedback from employees has been excellent.
- Matt Sismey, Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

Role-play Actors to Meet Every Need

If you’re leading training and need actors for role-play then look no further.

Our diverse range of actors, fully trained in the skills of facilitation and feedback, make Actorshop the number one company for Role-play or as one of our clients, HSBC, refer to it ‘REAL-PLAY’.

We are noted for the precision with which we cast and have the range of talent on our books to make any Role-play situation feel real for your team whether you require Fire Fighters or Global Investment Bankers!


Our actors will walk into any situations with the confidence of knowing they have been accurately cast for the ‘type’ of character they need to embody for your role-play. If the situation requires it we are also happy to work with clients to create very precise role-plays or character types to create our ‘real-play’ effect for you and your team and always with great success.

Training Manager, National Theatre, Gabby Haynes

"Actorshop worked with me to provide real-life scenarios tailored to our managers‘ needs, taking time and providing insight, preparing the group to risk moving out of its comfort zone.  
This kind of training gives managers a completely unique opportunity.  They practice very difficult negotiations and confrontations, but within a supported and safe environment. The sessions encourage us to explore fundamentals rather than getting to a “quick fix” and everything is done with empathy and humour.  The first time we worked together, feedback from everyone was so positive that we organised a second session.  The word got round, and it was oversubscribed."

Award winning productions / read more

Actorshop has won 3 BAFTA's (2012,2010,2009) for it's L8R series secondary school programmes.

Royal Television Society

Royal Television Society

L8R Series 1 won the RTS Interactive & Multimedia Education Award, 2004.

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