Sukwinder Samra

© Michael Wharley Photography 2014

Sukwinder Samra
Associate Director – Actorshop
Head of School at Elmhurst Primary School

Sukwinder Samra is the Head of the Elmhurst Teaching School Alliance and Head of School at Elmhurst Primary School, an outstanding school in Upton park in Newham.

She has over 24 years experience as a teacher and over 19 years as a senior leader who has been involved in school improvement work in East London. More recently she has been involved in improving standards in mathematics across primary, secondary and Post 16 through her role as Strategic Lead of the London North East Maths Hub.

She is passionate about all pupils being given the tools to communicate confidently through tools such as acting, debating, public speech making etc. She has worked with Actorshop to support teachers to use drama as a way of engaging learners and making lessons come alive across the whole primary curriculum. This on-going professional development focus on drama, linked to the school’s school improvement priorities, has contributed to teachers’ improved confidence and delivery and resulted in deeper pedagogical understanding of our pupils. This ongoing support is particularly powerful for our less experienced teachers and is necessary training in areas such as London where teacher mobility is high.

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