We've had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing companies and individuals.
Here's a bit of the praise the've given us.

Nottingham Fire & Rescue Service, Matt Sismey, Equality & Diversity Officer

“Actorshop has been delivering Managing Diversity training for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue for over 18 months now.  Their blend of careful research of the Fire and Rescue Service coupled with excellent acting and facilitation have really brought some of these issues to life.  The feedback from employees has been excellent.”

Julie Brandt, Head of Breadsall Support Centre – a Unit for permanently excluded pupils at KS3.

“Today we had a visit from Actorshop who put on a performance of Isolating Sharifa.  Seventeen of our ‘difficult to teach – hard to sit still and concentrate’ pupils attended the performance. The actors were enthusiastic and caring and made our pupils feel ‘safe’ to express their opinion and make comments about what they were experiencing.  When the actors were interacting they were so skilled at drawing the audience in we all felt the pain Sharifa and Emma were feeling and the injustice of it all.  We feel priviledged at being able to experience Isolating Sharifa.  We would like to thank all the actors for such a fantastic and memorable performance and would really appreciate being involved in all future performances.”

Mark Andrew, Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service

“Actorshop were engaged by LFRS to deliver a drama based programme that supported supervisory managers in dealing with language and behaviour in the workplace. They achieved this aim in a highly professional manner through using experienced and very credible actors and facilitators. Typical feedback stated “this is the best course I have been on” with supervisory managers clearly identifying how the learning will be applied in the workplace. I would recommend Actorshop to any organisation looking to invest in top quality development that makes a real difference.”

Blaby District Council

This was a brilliant session, made you aware of what it was all about and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. This was a very unique and clever way of doing the training. The presenter and actors were very talented and their performance was excellent – in fact they were that good that I couldn’t tell when they stopped acting.

Absolutely superb, I assure you – there is no doubt that everyone should attend this training.

Blaby District Council

“I have scored 10 all through.  I found the acting skills excellent and conveyed far more than could ever be put across verbally.  Best training I have been on so far – if only it were compulsory in all work places!”

Kosta Christofi Leadership Delivery Manager, Global Banking Client

“I have worked with Derek and the Actorshop team many times and every time they have challenged, engaged and inspired my delegates by using their amazing acting skills. I can unreservedly recommend Derek and the team for any kind of development work with a powerful and creative approach! Great results, high integrity, creative!”

Michael Pomerantz, Educational Psychologist, Derbyshire.

“An extraordinary piece of work. We are all very much in your debt and what was accomplished will linger long in the memories of those you touched and inspired. Now we have to find the best way to carry on after you passed the torch to us.  I doubt that you always know exactly how gifted you are in this innovative, experiential and risky work. I think you handled this brilliantly and I learned from watching you work. We certainly left with a catalogue of optimistic suggestions as to how we can improve the life experience for others in care.  I want to thank you for allowing me to share in the work as an organiser and a participating witness.”

Satbinder Kooner, Interim EBP Manager, Westminster Education Business Partnership

“Thank you so much for recommending Actorshop, they delivered two workshops in a school last week and they were brilliant. Derek Brown is great to work with and I’ll definitely be working with them again.  Thanks again.”

Melanie Jarrett, Intensive Interventions Project Worker, Newham.

“I recently put one of the young people onto one of your summer courses and he had an absolutely fantastic time. The course improved his confidence immensely and has ignited a real passion for drama!”

Tom Canning OBE, Head Teacher, Tollgate Primary School, London E13

“This style of training was powerful and enabling for my management team. I would recommend this as essential CPD for anyone moving into school leadership.”

Claire Kirwin, Deputy Head Teacher, George Mitchell School, Waltham Forest.

“We really do enjoy working with you – that’s why we use you so regularly!  The students gain so much from your presentations and their involvement in how it all ends …… thank you.  Best wishes as always.”

Amber Lascelles, Shrewsbury School

“Thank you for the fantastic Lower sixth alcohol workshop.  It was an outstanding success and I am extremely grateful to you.  The workshop made a superb start to the new school year for the lower sixth and I very much hope we can arrange the same again next year!”

Sally Curtis, Tutorial Support, Epping Forest College.

“I would like to thank you for the great work you did at our conference last week. You certainly struck a chord with the students that attended.  Actorshop proved the most popular contribution to our Student Conference.”

Kathy Barbrook

“By far the best and most useful event I’ve attended since starting working in the Valuation Office Agency “

Gabby Haynes, Training Manager, National Theatre.

Actorshop work with me to provide real-life scenarios tailored to our managers ‘  needs, taking time and providing insight, preparing the group to risk moving out of its comfort zone.  This kind of training gives managers a completely unique opportunity.  They practice very difficult negotiations and confrontations, but within a supported and safe environment. The sessions encourage us to explore fundamentals rather than getting to a “quick fix” and everything is done with empathy and humour.    The first time we worked together, feedback from everyone was so positive that we organised a second session.  The word got round, and it was oversubscribed.

Global Banking Client

“Another fabulous One Best Way week this week.  From the delegates’ perspective, they found your contribution to their experience absolutely invaluable. When we did the wash-up session with one of the Senior Execs, the effectiveness of you and your team were singled out by several of the attendees as their highlight of the week.”

Anthony Berry, Southwark Council.

I would like to say again on behalf of the BME staff support group you were brilliant.  The feedback from delegates has been great and you exceeded our hopes for the Play.  Stay blessed and we hope we will be working with you again in the future!

Jenny Gledhill, Ashmount Primary School, Islington.

Your training today for Islington was both challenging & enlightening.  It hit the spot because the drama illustrated to us explicitly the effects of racist bullying on a person.  We all know it’s ‘not nice’ to be the victim of harassment but rarely do we get an insight into its possible long term effects demonstrated so graphically where we are given a ‘risk free’ opportunity to right the situation.  The drama was compelling. The best training day for a decade or two!

Sue Craggs, CPD Advisory Team, Nottinghamshire.

“I write to thank you for your invaluable contribution to the third Nottinghamshire Primary Leadership Conference. One Deputy Head Teacher came to see me after dinner that evening and said how amazing he had found your session.  He had been particularly impacted because the scenario so closely resembled the situation for his own son, at school in Newark. Over breakfast the following morning, colleagues talked to me about the perspective they had gained from watching something they are normally too close to see.  Their comments came unsolicited and were replicated by conversation with different colleagues.  So thank you once again for making your time and exceptional talents available to us.  If there is any way in which I can help to promote what you do, I will.”

Sharon Bleese, Environment Agency.

“Thought provoking and inspiring, fantastic mechanism to educate”.

Caroline Shelley, Coordinator for Black Pupils Achievement Programme.

“On behalf of the staff and pupils of Northbrook School, I would like to thank Actorshop for your wonderful Year 8 drama workshop.  It was stimulating and topical and captured the student’s imagination, and enabled them to relate to the characters.  One of the senior teachers commented that exploring a subject of this nature through forum theatre was something that we should do more of in school.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in the valuable work that you do and I hope that we will be able to work together in the future.”

Chief Inspector, Lincolnshire Police.

“Excellent presentation, acting and a useful learning tool.”

Customer Services and Contacts Manager, Norwich Local Criminal justice Board.

“I went on diversity training last week and I was sceptical about what this training would be like . . . today was refreshing and I learnt a lot about what other LCJBs are doing . . . very good, very thought provoking.”

Colleen Creegan, The Free Lance-Star, Virginia, USA

“This programme is not just about bullying, but also about raising achievement in schools.  The students learn solutions to bullying and suggest ways of reaching out to a targeted student by sitting with them at lunch or talking to them in the hallways between classes.  It really reached a lot of them.  I felt them react and just realize.”

Global Banking Client

“This was one of the best workshops I have attended in the last ten years. It was very thought provoking. It challenged the way we interact with each other and highlighted how easy it is to make assumptions about other people. Thank you!”

David Archer, Divisional Officer, Hereford and Worcester Combined Fire Authority.

“Hereford & Worcester Fire Brigade found that using Actorshop brought to life all of the issues covered during our training session in such a way that the delegates were immediately able to apply their new knowledge and skills.  Without doubt forum theatre is one of the most valuable tools that the Brigade has used, and we intend to make it a regular feature in our training programmes”.

Julie Warren, Assistant Principal, Ringmer Community College, East Sussex

“Thank you so much for such an exciting, thought provoking, and informative visit.  I have had so many  positive comments from the young people, and the staff, who took part in the interactive presentation – they loved it!”

Eddie Broadhead, Education Advisor, Derbyshire County Council

“Thank you for your brilliant contribution. The superb work you produced at the Stress Management Conference met all the objectives. I felt you were able to tune into and develop the emotive issues that surround stress in the classroom, staff room and the home and that gave us an excellent platform on which to build the afternoon workshop sessions.”

Denice Sealy, Senior Education Welfare Officer, Newham.

“A big thank you for the training delivered by your team in April. The delivery was fun, yet very professional, interesting and relevant to our line of work.  We all agreed that it was the best training we have had to date”.

Commander S M Pegg RN, Assistant Diversity Officer for the Royal Navy.

“Just a line to say how impressed I was with your team.  We in the Royal Navy have been looking at Forum Theatre for some time as a means of inducing behavioural change in our middle managers.  It is a powerful tool and you demonstrated the best I have seen where your actors individually were most effective facilitators”.

Seddon Cripps, High Court Judge, Immigration Tribunal Service.

“You produced more than I dared to hope for.  Thank you for an excellent training day.  The work that went into your production was obvious to all”.

Peter Teague, Careers Officer, Lister Community School.

“The success of the day and the general willingness of the students, stems from your teams hard work to motivate them and develop imagination in their young minds”.

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